November 28th 2009

Yes we are in France, well an island in the Caribbean that is part of France. The food is French the stores are French and the people are French. The cars are all French, and the towns look like you are in a small village in France.


Here is a banana plant on the side of the road
Grandpa and me in front of the churh in ST Anne, Martinique
Grandma and me on the ST Anne dingy dock
A fisherman fixing his net in Marin, Martinique
On the way to the beach
This is the most amazing beach at Anse de Salines Martinique
Trying to catch a crab
December 9th 2009
Here are some under water pictures we took yesterday in Martinique.
The elusive Queen Angelfish photografed very close to shore in Gran Anse D”Arlet
An adult French anglefish
A young French anglefish
A Blue Tang
Me free diving
This is what I see when I am diving
Look how colurful the fish are
This how they sell their ice cream on Anse de Salines beach
At the helm sailing past Diamond Rock
Colourful coral in Grand Anse D’Arlet
This is me practicing free diving down 10 ft
This is me in Petit Anse D’ Arlet