St Lucia Photos

The Maltese Falcon getting ready to be launched for the trip all the way to St Martin
This is th Black Pearl in the sunset
Here it is being lowered into the water
This is the market in Castries the capital of St Lucia
The fruit and vegetables are cleaned to kill germs
This is the fishing village in Gros-Islet St Lucia
Here I am helping hoist the main sail the sail was stored below for the hurricane season
This is how they keep their houses cool by putting them on pillars

25th November 2009
Our last few days in St Lucia coming to a close as we are planning to head north to Martinique on Saturday.
I am looking forward to see this French Islands where the money is the Euro same as in France Europe, this island is actually part of France and is represented in the French parliament

Reading while waiting for my pop
Helping out with the laundry, no washing machine or dryer on board
This is me laying down on the fridge which happens to be very comfortable
View of Rodney Bay from fort Rodney
Here we go this scarey
Finaly at the top of the mast 50 ft above the deck of the boat
This is at Fort Rodney on top of Pigeon Island
This is the Pirates of the Caribbean ship in number one movie and it was called the Black Pearl,

Launch day in St Lucia
November 18th 2009
This was the most interesting day for me as we launched the boat and sleapt out in Rodney Bay near Pigeon Island. We had no mosquitoes to bother us so we had the best sleep so far since we got here a week ago.

Maltese Falcon being picked up by the travel lift to launch. Here it is being lowered into the water
This is the moment i have been waiting for 1 week
Women selling vegetables at the Castries market
Learning to drive the dingy which is our transportation from boat to land
The Maltese Falcon as seen from the beach I swim from
Waiting for our lunch in a local bar in Gros-Islet
Having a local snack in the shade
Here I am swimming at Pigeon Island
My favorite reading spot
Getting ready to be hoisted up the mast
Halfway up is even more scary
This shot I took from the top of the mast
he anchorage where we are anchored in the background