2011 Aegean Islands

We start the Aegean Islands from the Gulf of Saronica starting with the island of Aegina just 13 nm SE of Pireaus. Then we will head over south to the island of Poros and after that we will be watching for a good weather window to avoid the maltemi, the winds that blow from the NE and the NW as we plan to head NE towards Cape Sounion on the mainland so to position us better for heading through the Cyclades and the Dodecanese island during the heavy maltemi weather during June-July and August, before we arrive in Turkey.

Aegina: The town from our anchorage
Aegina: Fishing harbour
Poros: Very nice island with a great anchorage, all round protection
Poros: Another view of the town.

From  Poros  we spent a night anchored near Cape Sounin on the mainland then we started the Cyclades islands of the Aegean, it was like entering a different world. These islands a just magical with whitewashed walls and blue painted doors and windows, barren rock with hardly any trees. Turquoise water and nice sandy beaches and many spectacular anchorages with protection from the Maltemi. And mostly sparsely populated.

Kea: the town of Korissio in the background
Kynthos: Kolona the sand bar that connects the one island to the other
Kynthos: Kolona Bay, Maltese Falcon to the right of Lillian
Serifos: we are at the very top of the town on a peak.
Serifos: Lillian just walked on the roof of this small church at the chora
Sifnos: Church on a rock near Kastro
Sifnos: This is at the old town of Kastro
Sifnos: Chrysopiji, near Faros
Paros: The ruins of an old medeivial fort
Paros: The capital Paroikia
Paros: Having a Greek lamb lunch in Paroikia
Naxos: Restaurants in the alleys within the chora
Naxos: This is the gate to what is left of the temple of Apollo
Naxos: Hiking in the hills near Apeirantho
Mykanos: The windmils of Mykanos
Mykanos: Another windmill
Mykanos: Relaxing at Elia Beach
Fournoi: beach in front of the boat sans the tourist
Ikaria: The town of Kirykos as we saile by.
Samos: The old town by the ruins
Samos: This is Kokkari Beach very popular with tourists
Samos: Kokkari as seen from the east
Marinthos: you can only reach this island by boat

From Marinthos we headed over the short distance to the next group of islands called the Dodecanese, these include Patmos, Leros, Koz, Kalymnos and the last one Symi.
Symi was our check out point out of Greece before heading to Turkey.
Most of these islands are bare with not much vegetation except in some of the valleys not directly in the sun’s path. The scenery is most spectacular as the are mountainous and very ragged.

Patmos: View of the NE coast with its many coves as seen fro the monastery
Patmos: The Chora around the monastary
Patmos: This picture was taken as we sailed south along the coast of the island.
Leros: this is the view of Panteli from the boat
Leros: This is a very interesting winmill located in Agia Marina Bay, it partialy sank.