2010 Morocco

Morocco is a most facinating country with the Rif mountains to the north and the Atlas mountains to the south. At the extreme south west is the Sahara Desert with dunes rising to 200 meters. The people must be the most friendly people that we have encountered in our travels. The country is going through major advancements in all sectors of industry and tourism. The extensive roads network is amazing and driving around the country is safe and pleasurable with unsurpassed scenery. Morocco is a must see country.For More Photo Albums and videos

Beautiful Chefchaouen
A view of Chefchaouen from our hotel rooftop
Ali outfitting me with a Berber outfit for the desert
Lillian trying on one of the traditional hats
Drying the carpets on top of the roof
The donkey in Fez loaded with propane cylinders
Intricate mosaic in the Royal Tea House in Fez
Our chef cooking tagine in Midlet
Dressed for the camel ride into the Sahara
The desert caravan heading into the dunes
Toudra Gorge
Spectacular Ozous Falls