2008 The Grenadines

Taylie taking command of the boat while sailing in the Grenadines
Petit Bateau island all for us in the Tobago Cays
Local vendor in the Tobago Cays
Keith setting up the surfing kite in Baradal Island, Tobago Cays
Tate at the helm heading to Bequia
Walking away from Saline Bay anchorage, Mayreau
Here I am helping hoist the main sail the sail was stored below for the hurricane season
Tate learning to kite-surf in Mayreau
Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau
Tate learning to be a cameraman while sailing the Grenadines
Underwater paradise, friendly fish
Picnic on Petit Bateau island, Tobago Cays
Tate & Taylie playing on Baradal island , Tobago Cays
Hampback whale spotted in the Grenadines
Great anchorage of Saline Bay, Mayreau
Taking care of Tate & Taylie while Keith kite-surfs in the Tobago Cays
Taylie making sand castles
Keith & Taylie relaxing in Mayreau
Tate and his lobster in the Granedines