2011 Greece

May 15th 2011
We are now in Greece, we have been here for the past week and we have some pictures of Greece to share with you. We are pretty sure there will be many more pictures in the future so keep coming back to see, as we keep updating while we move along towards Turkey.
The pictures will be in geographical order as we move from west to east. Each picture will start with the name of the location followed by a colon (:) then a small description.

Entering the gulf of Korinth from the Gulf of Patras, this is Rio-Antirrio Bridge
Passing under the Rio-Antirrio Bridge
Navpaktos: View of the anchorage and the medieval harbour
Navpaktos: The entrance to the small medieval harbour
Navpaktos: Mario came inside the harbour with the dingy

From the island of Trizonion we headed east to a very nice anchorage of Galaxidi from there we took a bus to visit Ancient Delphi the site where the Oracle and the Temple of Apollo was. The site is located on the north side of a deep gorge, the bottom of the gorge all the way from the sea inland for many mile are thousands of olive trees.

Galaxidi as seen from the boat
Delphi: The treasury of the Athenians
Delphi: the west stadium with seating on one side.
Delphi: overlooking the gorge and the archeological site
Delphi: The Sphinx one of the many gifts brought over to Apollo
Antikiron: The mole and lighthouse
Germeno: Relax time at the beach
Germeno: Fort of Aegosthena as seen from the boat
Loutraki: This is the first sunset from any of the anchorages we have been at.

Once through the Korinth Canal we are in the Gulf of Saronica, we headed straight to the Zea Marina in Piraeus, €39/day for our boat, which is very reasonable, great place to provision and the marina stuff is first class. Piraeus is the harbour city of Athens. Athens is a most fascinating city, mostly built on unexcavated ancient ruins. Everywhere you walk you come across archeological sites to numerous to mention, but from the few pictures you can see it is just amazing. The most prominent are the Parthenon, The Ancient Agora; Herod’s Odeon and the Roman Agora.

Athens: Acropolis in the background
Athens: Herod Atticus Odeon
Athens: The Roman Agora
Pireaus: The Maritime museum
Pireaus: The market near the commercial harbour