This picture taken from the Spanish Quarter in Erice Sicily
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We welcome you to our home page.

As you can see we have moved to WordPress formatting as the old Sitexpress web server has closed down or not available anymore. We have added a new page within the home page called Past Routes this will include Google maps showing our routes starting with our 3rd Transatlantic Crossing in 2010 , it is a very useful tool with a lot of information regarding location, quality of anchorage shoreside businesses, dingy parking etc….

This website is updated frequently so revisit as often as possible to find out where we are and what we are doing, look for our new and favorite photos and links to our Blog, photo albums and many other things all related to sailing and destinations of interest that we sail to. The Tech page might interest those who like working and fixing things around the boat. We welcome input from you about anything particularly technical and destination related, so send us an email and we will be happy to add it to our website.

Both of us have been sailing since 1982 when we bought our first wind surfer which by the way must have weighed a ton. We sailed on Lake Vernon in Muskoka, northern Ontario, Canada, and rented sailing dinghies as often as possible. The dream evolved to cross the Atlantic by sailboat. We didn’t know much about ocean going sailboats then and we still are learning now, but we knew what we wanted and so we set off on a venture that spanned 7 years of researching what type of boat would I want to build to cross the big ocean. Then it took us 5-1/2 years to complete all the interior of Maltese Falcon so that we could move on-board and live full time until the rest of the boat could be completed. So in June of 1994 we launched Maltese Falcon at Port Credit Harbour Marina on Lake Ontario, sold the house and moved on-board full time. For the next 5 years we worked very hard at our jobs to put our son through collage, helped him with his wedding and the birth of his first child Tate and finish the Maltese Falcon. Lillian worked for one of the major Canadian Banks and I worked as a Cryogenic Vacuum and High Pressure Gas Process consultant.

Now we are reaping the benefits of the hard work we had to go through to build the Maltese Falcon. We have been across the Atlantic 3 times, up and down the NY State Canal 3 times, offshore to Bermuda 3 times and we spent 5 winters spread out over the last 12 years sailing the Eastern Caribbean, we sailed into the Mediterranean twice and have been as far east as Turkey.

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