2013 Italian Anchorages Part 3

Italy Anchorages and Marinas: 2013 Part 3 of 3
Italian West Coast and the Islands

In our last report we terminated at the picturesque island of Ventotene, from there we moved east towards the mainland coast of Italy stopping at the beautiful islands of Iscia, and Procida then down the mainland coast of Italy and then eventually to our winter spot at Marina the Ragusa in Sicily. We are now into September and the weather has been very nice but some lows offshore were creating swells at the very open anchorages that we stopped at so we had to spend a few nights in marinas and or harbours. We still did a lot of motoring as the winds close to shore where light most of the time.

Il Castello North, Isola d’Iscia: N 40 43.996
013 57.683

There are two anchoring options one is to the south of the Castello and the other is to the north of Il Castello. We anchored at north anchorage as the south anchorage was full and the only spots available there were too deep. We managed to grab the bottom on our 2nd attempt in 12 feet of water with a bottom of sand and weeds. It is very rolley here and the south anchorage due to heavy boat traffic up and down the coast plus the water taxis, it becomes very calm after sunset. Tie up you tender you will need to go under the small causeway connecting Iscia to the Il Castell island turn right and head south west till you find a water taxi dock ask permission and they will help you tie up in a spot where you do not interfere with their taxis, from here it is a very short walk to the village with provisions and a multitude of cafes and restaurants. It cost 10€ to visit the Il Castello includes the ride to the top with an elevator. The water taxis are convenient if you don’t feel like launching your tender.

Procida, Cala San Antonio: N 40 45.567
014 01.774

We anchored in this large bay in 30 ft over sand with excellent holding. You cannot enter the small harbour with your boat as there is no room to anchor or tie up. Tie your dingy where convenient inside the harbour. There is a set of stairs at the west end of the waterfront that takes you to the top where within a short walk you have provisioning and cafes. There is a lot of nice walks in town above the fishing village and you may also visit the new marina on the North West shore of the island. This is one of those places that you would see on a postcard, homes built on a cliff’s side all painted in pastel colours, it is just wonderful and the locals are very friendly. This is definitely worth a visit.

Naples, Rada Di Magellina: N 40 49.789
014 13.834

Anchored in 25 ft. over sand the holding is excellent. The backdrop is totally different from what we have been seen this past summer, what you have here is a thousands of multi-level apartments that would look awful if it is not for the kaleidoscope of colours dotting the hill of Naples. You can tie up the dingy in one of the marinas to the west of the anchorage but you will need permission, also with permission you can tie up at one of the marinas or clubs at the Borgo Santa Lucia to the east of this anchorage, the latter is down town Naples where all the attractions are so it is very convenient, especially if you need provisioning. When we were there in September we could not find a spot in any of the marinas around here.

Porto Torre del Greco: N 40 47.068
014 21.675

Tied up at one of the marinas in the harbour for €60.00/day water end electricity included. From here we can visit Naples, Pompei, Heracleneum etc… by train but it is a long uphill walk to the train station. Torre del Greco is built on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius so everywhere you go is uphill or downhill there is no level walks. They are nice walks but with many restaurants and cafes the town comes alive in the evening especially near the main square up the hill. There is a supermarket close to the harbour with a very good selection of food. This is a poor town and it does not look very clean but the people are very friendly and ready to help you. It is worth a visit we spent 3 days here and enjoyed it very much. Fuel options are 2, one across the outer wall and the other inside further at the corner of the outer wall.

The Bay south of Agripoli: N 40 20.517
014 58.068

From Torre del Greco we had a very nice trip, sailed a bit with full main and genoa, motored close to the spectacular Amalf coast until just past Amalfi ( took a lot of photos) and then headed south east towards Agripoli. Anchored in 20 ft over murky water and sand bottom. We tried the marina before anchoring but it was packed and they wanted too much for a small spot left open so we opted to anchor. We had no swell here and it was a good night rest. You can dingy to the harbour and tie up where convenient the town has a lot to offer including provisioning.

Cala Iscoletti: N 39 59.973
015 25.706

This is a very nice cove with free mooring, depths in the middle are in 60ft and the moorings are set in 30 ft around the inside close to shore. This is a spectacular little cove with lush green cliffs that seem to overhang above you but plan to arrive early in the morning or at just before sunsets otherwise you will not get a mooring as there is only a few. It started out very well but then we got a bit of south wind in the range of 10knts and from then on it got very sloppy, even when the wind clocked to the NW it was like a bathtub. So in the morning we will headed into a marina.

Marina in Scario: N 40 03.132
015 29.604
We took a berth for a couple of days at the Co-Op Mare Blu for €35.00/ night. This is a sleepy town with adequate provisioning, fuel by order to exact amount and many cafes and restaurants around the harbour. Most of the building are built with stone making the place look very rustic, it is a very clean place unlike Naples and Torre del Grerco. In calm weather you can anchor outside the marina south of the main brake wall, the bottom is sand with excellent holding.

Porto Cetrero: N 39 31.628
015 55.117

Tied up at one of the pontoons in the harbour cost €30.00/night including w & e. The town of Cetrero is about 3 km south and then the old town is up a steep hill. The marina let us have the use of the Renualt electric two-seater car so we went to the bank and then to Cetrero Alta and walked around the beautiful historical old town, on the way back to the Marina we stopped at the Lidl supermarket. The use of the electric car is gratis to the marina customers, there is only one available so you will need to book it. Fuel fill at as you come in the harbour to port @ €1.865/liter

Tropeo: N 38 40.903
015 54.356

We anchored in 13 ft over sand close to the port entrance with a nice beach ashore, excellent holding. We had a great sleep with no swell WOW. The other option is to go inside the marina if the weather is not good or there is a chance of a swell. The Porto offers haul out facilities and some storage space. It is a short walk to a very nice old village. Tie up your tender in the harbour near the small fishing boats.

Scilla: N 38 15.361
015 43.007

We came here just to take pictures as the holding is not very good and also it is very much open to any swell but instead a gentleman came and asked if we needed anything at first I said no we are just taking pictures but on the way out I asked him if he had a spot for us, because the place is so nice and picturesque, the guy said yes wait a minute please and eventually he ties us up fore and aft facing the opening. He tied us to 4 mooring lines for €20.00/night including transfers from boat to shore, this is a very good deal no need to launch the tender. We went for a walk to the old village by the water with its narrow gobble stone streets then we climbed up to the top of the hill to the castle and eventually ended up down the other side at Marina Grande with a very nice beach and a lot of locals chatting and walking around, we stopped for pizza and beer and the we headed back to the boat the easy way on a road below the castle at sea level takes you right to the harbour without having to climb over top of the hill. There is anchorage in front of Marina Grande over sand and in good weather. This place is worth a visit.

Marina D’Etna, Riposto: N 37 43.808 E 015 12.540

You need to call The Messina Straits Authority on Ch. 16 on the way south to let them know your intentions, no big deal, you call them up you give them you boat’s name and destination heading and speed and they say
” Okay we see you on our radar, go ahead and have a good day.” We sailed past the gates of the straits of Messina, noticing a 1.2kt current on a northerly setting, hampering our progress. The wind from the north east at 8 knots with whitecaps against the current. We encountered many whirlpools and eddies until we crossed towards the SW heading close to Messina, and then towards the north of Catania and then started looking for an anchorage but by the time we got to Acitrezi (our intended stop) the winds picked then wind veered to the NE and picked up to 15 knots the waves became very steep, based on the conditions we decided that entering Aci Trezza would have been dangerous so we opted to enter in Marina Dell Etna in Riposto. We paid €76.00/day include w&e with very nice showers that work, we tied up at the old section as the newer area is still incomplete but close to being complete, I am sure by next year. The new area has finger pontoons just like anywhere west of Gibraltar, it is the first marina that we have seen like this. The town is drab and very unattractive. Provisioning is good with many stores and fish stalls. Fuel available at the marina.

Siracusa: N 37 03.606
015 17.215

We anchored in 32ft over sand bottom. The holding is excellent one day we had 25knts of wind from the south with a 3 foot chop and all was good. The city offers a lot of provisioning option the best being the daily open market with lots of fish and vegetable vendors at very reasonable prices, much cheaper than in any other cities or towns we have been in Italy. The walled city of Ortigia is a must see town with many museums, churches and a fortress. Tie up the dingy at the east corner of the marina.

Marina Di Ragusa: N 36 46.852
014 32.744

This is our winter spot for 2013/2014. The marina offers a very good rate for the winter live boards one of the best in the med. The marina itself is conveniently located close to the town of Marina di Ragusa where you will find most provisioning large hardware stores and many bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops selling the most amazing ricotta cannoli, you have to try them. There is a healthy live aboard community staying here for the winter months hailing from counties around the world that organize many activities and outings. For more information and winter rates go to this link: http://www.portoturisticomarinadiragusa.it/en/
Hauling out is also available but you are not allowed to do your own work on the exterior and the rates are not cheap, and there is no discount if you already have a winter contract.
Ragusa Rag is a Facebook site with more info about the area and live aboard activities.
Mario Borg