2012 Turkey

Temple of Apollo in Didim
Our grandson Tate on one of the thrones in the theater of Priene
The theater in Mileteus
Travertine cascades of Pamukkale these are unique in the world
The Lycian rock tombs of Dalyan
Fairy Chimneys of Capadoccia
These are Turkish evil eyes hanging of a tree overlooking the amazing landscape of the Goreme Valley
The Temple of Athena Polias in Prien
The Whirling Dervish an old cult
Having a swim in the thermal pool of Heriapolis above the travertine cascades of Pamukkale
A view of the small village of Pamukkale world renowned for the travertine cascades & Heriapolis
With Tate on the Dalyan River
Down in the amazing underground city of Derinkuyu, one of 32 underground cities in Capadoccia