2011 Turkey

Turkey is truly a magnificent country, its culture, its people, its scenery, countryside, its rugged and extensive coastline, its history, its open markets and its hospitality.

Turkey is an open air museum with ancient and medieval archeological sites around every corner.

We have been in Turkey for the past 2 months and these are one of the friendliest people we have ever met, they make you feel welcome even with the language barrier. The cost of living is low compared to other countries in the Mediterranean, its people are very hard working, there is abundant amount of anchorages although some of them are deep, so you will need to take a line to shore after dropping the anchor on a steep sloping bottom.

Here are some of the pictures of places we have been to.

Bozburun: The focal point of every village is the Mosque as seen here from our anchorage.

From Buzbuurun we headed back north east to the Datca peninsula visiting Datca and the temple of Aphrodite in Knidos. Then we headed towards Bodrum only because our outboard motor needed  anew propeller and the would be the easiest place to get one, which we did within a day of arriving we had one shipped overnight from Istambul.
The Datca peninsula is well known for its almonds and honey. The coast line is very scenic with quite a few anchorages. Normaly the winds would be on the nose in this area of the Aegean but  we had nice weather all the way.

Datca: This is Eski Datca meaning Old Datca all the houses are stone built and very well preserved.
Knidos: This is what is left of the temple of Aphrodite.
Orhaniye: These men are collecting honey, Turkey produces around 90,000 tons of honey each year
Orhaniye: These touists are walking on a sand bar that extends from shore out about 100 meters.
Ciftlik: A veiw of the island behind the anchorage


From Bozburan we headed east towards the Lycian coast visiting Ciflik; Fethiye with its rock tombs, the fish market where after you buy the fish you can go to one of the restaurants around it and they will cook the fish and give you a salad for 6 Turkish Lira (€ 2.44 ) Fethiye is also the city with the most amazing open market where they sell mostly fruit and vegetables grown in the surrounding area. From Fethiye we rented a car and headed farther east towards Fineke, visiting on the way Kalkan, Kaz, Patara ancient site and beach, Xanthos-Letoon ancient sites, Kekova with its many ancient burial sites then north over the mountains and back towards Kayakoy to visit the abandoned city and Ulideniz the tourist mecca in this part of Turkey.

Fethiye: Another Lycian rock tomb overlooking the city
Fethiye: This has to be the largest open market we have ever seen
Fethiye old part down town
Xanthos – Letoon: The tombs
Patara: The main gate to ancient Patara
Patara: The beach looking east
Kekova: The islands and bay area
Kekova: This is one of the small rock tombs
Kayakoy: The abandoned city, was built around 1000 AD and abandoned in the last century
Lillian at the ancient city of Ephesus one of the most important cities of the ancient world
The arena full of smoke from all the barbaques
The Raki dancing away.
Lillian posing with the champion camel